pratt green roof potential

working estimate for us collectively to use: 117,000 sf*

*why this number differs from the number on the plan: I subtracted 20% of this total for hvac, etc.
If you are looking at a specific roof, please apply this logic as well. 

readings for july 11

I have emailed the readings for July 11th - they are also listed and linked under the readings tab. 

the bowery mission's new farm

from Matt Krivich at the Bowery Mission, our client for last year's design build:

From the photos below you can see that Greensulate has completed the installation of our rooftop farm. Because of the many obstacles that have come our way we decided to go with a simple design that can be flexible when needed in the coming years. We have meet the all of requirements of the United Way, while also protecting the structural integrity of the building and have created something beautiful above the noise of the popular and developing Bowery. 

In the future I would love to see you and your students on our rooftops observing, critiquing, collecting data, consulting, and casting vision. You have taken my inspiration and set it afire; keep me ablaze!