ASSIGNMENT 1 : site analysis : roof and context.pdf

Site analysis: The site analysis should demonstrate your position about the site, rather than simply documenting “the terrain”; site analysis is the first act of design. As part of your site analysis presentation, you will begin to articulate your approach to the site. You will choose one of the following aspects of the rooftop and its context to assess, record, and explore the implications for the green roof.

North Hall : roof and context
 Analysis weather conditions: rainfall, wind [by Michael Catalano]
 Analysis solar orientation, shading, microclimate [by Shane McCabe]
 Analysis water access potential, existing gutters and water flows [by Tyler Klifman
 Analysis scale, sectional relationships [by Brooke Mayer 
 Analysis human access and movement, transportation [by Trang Dong
 Analysis views/visibility [by Catalina Parra 
 Analysis social and educational context [by Kristen Wilke  
 Analysis historical context, building, campus [by Rosa Munar 
 Analysis document visitors response to the site [by Nathaniel Ziering                   
 Analysis additional existing conditions measurements [by Lauren Standke 
 Analysis acoustics/materials [by Elaine Mahoney   
 Analysis north hall flows [by Ross Diamond 
 Analysis additional hidden forces [by Frederick Wolf