We'd like you to read the full Full New York City Green Infrastructure Plan by the 
mid-review, session 7.
other readings are due on the day of the session

Session 1 - Wednesday May 16th
Required Readings
+ New York City Green Infrastructure Plan 2011 annual report
Recommended Resources
EPA's Green Infrastructure website  Just take a look around the site, we will be looking at particular articles/ links as we get further into the class. 

LECTURE: overview + introduction

Session 2 - Saturday May 19th
Required Readings
Kahn, Andrea. “Defining Urban Sites”. Site Matters: Design Concepts, Histories, and
Strategies. Routledge: NY, 2005.    handed out in class

Session 3 - Wednesday May 23rd

LECTURE: what is design

Session 4 - Wednesday May 30th, no readings due
Recommended Resources
Gaia soil pamphlet

Session 5 - Saturday June 2nd: working session, no readings due

Session 6 - Wednesday June 6th: systems diagrams, desk crits, no readings due

IMAGES: diagrams

Session 6 - Wednesday June 13th: peer review, conversation with facilities
complete your reading of full NYC Green Infrastructure Plan

Session 7 - Wednesday June 20th: 
Guest lecturer, Kubi Ackerman of the Urban Design Lab at Columbia University's Earth Institute.  

Required Readings
Center for Neighborhood Technology. “The Values of Green Infrastructure, A Guide to Recognizing it's Economic,Environmental and Social Benefits”. 2010.

+ metrics and associated class assignment 

Session - Wednesday July 11th

Required Readings
+ Introduction to Civic Agriculture  
Lyson, Thomas. Civic Agriculture. Tufts University Press: NH, 2004.

+ Michael Pollan's "Why Bother"  nytimes april 20, 2008

Bringing Nature Home "Who Cares about Biodiversity?"
Tallamy,  DouglasBringing Nature Home. Timber Press: Oregon, 2009.

+ Rebecca Solnit's "The Thoreau Problem"  orion magazine, may / june 2007